[UPDATED] Best Way to Submit Blogger Sitemap to Google Search Console in 2021?

When we create a site, one of the most frequent issues we have to address is how to Submit Blogger Sitemap in Google Search Console(Webmaster).

you may not understand how search engines operate and how to display your site from the Google search results to drive visitors to your site.

You may present your site in Google search for free if you’re able to help Google to locate your blog.

Whenever I talk to newbies who aren’t aware of how the search engine functions, they think that they need to cover Google or other search engines to list their site.

This is is not true, obviously.

Submit Blogger Sitemap

Search Console is a completely free tool provided by Google that will help one to display your site in Google search results (crawl or index your site ).

This tool also can help you to enhance the crawling rate of your site. All you need to do are a couple of straightforward things. To start with, you have to confirm in Google Search Console which you are the owner of the site. And, the next and most crucial task would be to file your blog/website sitemap to search console.

Here, I will steer you through step-by-step methods on how to publish site sitemap to Google Lookup Console. However, before that we will need to know what really a site is, and why is it important to your site to submit a site.

First, we need to understand what a sitemap is, and submitting your site to search engines is Critical

What is a Sitemap?

A site is an XML document that includes the URLs within your own blog. This document helps crawlers to obtain each the URLs of your site.

There are numerous facets of your website a crawler will follow, like the magnitude of your site as well as the amount of URLs on your site.

Simply speaking, a site is a comprehensive index of your site you need search engine spiders to see.

Since the term seems, a site is really a map of your site. A site is an XML or HTML document which contains all of the URLs of the pages within your own blog. While the HTML website helps your customers to browse through your site, an XML sitemap assists the search engine crawlers precisely the exact same manner.

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There are a variety of sections of a site which impact the crawling speed of your site, like the magnitude of your site, the number of URLs on your site, indexing priority of webpages on your site, updating frequency, etc..

Now, you know about sitemap and also its significance, let us proceed to the additional measures.

Submit Blogger Sitemap To Google Search Console

Below is the comprehensive process you need to follow when it comes to file your blogspot site sitemap to Google Search Console.

Submitting site for blog articles

Step 1: Sign in to your Google Search Console Account

Step 2: Select the desired blog you would like to submit the site.

Step 3: In the side of the webpage, click Sitemaps below the Crawl section.

Submit Blogger Sitemap

Step 4: Today, in the top-right corner of the webpage, click the Add/Test Sitemap button.

Step 5: Insert the code in the given text area.

Blogger Sitemap

Here is the site for your blogger site which you will need to add.

Congratulation! You’ve completed the procedure of submitting your site sitemap. Now You can easily Submit Blogger sitemap to Google search Console of any website which you owns.

Note: The aforementioned sitemap will do the job for 500 articles only. In case you have over 500 articles printed in your site, then you’ve got to add yet another sitemap.

The entire process will be identical, but now you need to bring this code.

That is it. You’re finished with submitting the site for blog articles. Now let us proceed into the 2nd section i.e submitting site for blogspot inactive pages.

Ensure that you read the whole article. You’ll discover some invaluable information at the close of the report.

This was the step by step guide on how to Submit Blogger sitemap to Google Search Console.

Now, it’s your time to try this tutorial and let us know if it was helpful for you or not.

Also, let us know how submitting sitemap to Google Search Console affected your website.

Please share your views with me on the effects of adding the sitemap and let me know in the comments if you need any help in submitting your blog sitemap.

Problems with Blogger Sitemap Files

A complete sitemap file ought to mention all types of a website but that is not true if your site is hosted on Blogger.

The default XML sitemap file of any Blogger blog will have just the 26 most recent blog posts . That’s a limitation because a few of your old blog pages, which are lacking from the default XML sitemap file, might not get indexed in search engines. There is however a simple solution to repair this problem.


This is the step-by-step guide about the best way to Submit Blogger sitemap to Google Search Console ( WebMaster).

Now, it is time to try out this tutorial and tell us if it was beneficial for you or not.

Please discuss your perspectives with me about the ramifications of incorporating the sitemap and allow me to know in the comments if you want some help in submitting your site sitemap.

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