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How To Change Blogger Email Address [ 7 Easy Steps ]

Blogger doesn’t allow you to change your login email address Directly. However, numerous blogger clients asking “how to Change Blogger Email Address” for various reasons.

Presently days there are such a large number of various approaches to change blogger account email id however don’t stress I have accompanied simple one, I have made an article on the best and most effortless approach to change your email address on blogger including step by step.

Reason to Change Blogger Email Address

Some of the reasons that’s why blogger wants to Change Blogger Email Address.

  1. Usually New Bloggers create their blog with any random Gmail on starting but they realize this Gmail is no longer genuine so they search how to change Bloggers’ email address.
  2. When you are running more than one blog with different gmails, so it’s hard to manage or log in every single email id. In that case you can transfer all of the blogs in one main primary email address.
  3. This is the most common cause, your blog and your AdSense email are not same for some reason. Then you change into in primary Gmail address.

Change Blogger Email Address

Step 1. Login to your blogger account first on which you want to change email address.

Step 2. Now Go to Blogger Dashboard > Settings > Basics > Permissions section.

Step 3. Click + Add authors and send an invitation to your new email id.

Blogger Email Address Add Author

Step 4. Go to the new Gmail and Accept the invitation in your new email address and again login to the blogger with an old email id.

Step 5. Again Go to the Permissions section. You will see another author in the Permissions section. Change the role of new email id from Author to Admin.

Blogger Add Admin

Step 6. Now login to blogger with your new email address. You will see your blog in dashboard.

Step 7. Go to Settings > Basic > Permission section and remove your old email address from the Blog Authors.

Blogger Delete Admin


You have successfully changed your Blogspot email address with a new email id. For any issues related to the above steps comment below.

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