How To Write Unique Blog Taglines in 2021? With Examples

In this post, We will provide you with a few hints for setting incredible slogans/tagline, alongside some extraordinary instances of Blog Taglines from online web.

The matter is when you figure out how to start a blog, regardless of whether your substance rocks, you could, in any case, be pushing individuals away by dismissing one basic thing.

Unique Blog Taglines: Effective and Creative

In the event that a key component on your blog is either lacking — or missing altogether — guests could feel confounded and leave.

Blog name matters. In any case, not unreasonably much. All the alleged well-known spaces are as of now taken. So now, substance and slogan are the lords. Slogan goes about as a substitute for the blog title when blog name is less nonexclusive and unimportant to your specialty.

What Is Blog TagLines & How It Depends On Your Niche?

One of the essential places your new visitors gaze is upward in your header. They’re feeling a touch clumsy, because of they don’t, in any case, handle this virtual spot. They’re trusting your blog’s title and slogan can fill them in.


Your slogan might be a key bit of directional total on your diary. It resembles one in everything about huge expressway signs that shows what attractions you’ll see on the off chance that you exit at resulting exit ramp.

Don’t you hate once those are unclear, and you wrap up inside an inappropriate city, else you can’t see the carnival? I in person repulse acquiring lost.

In the event that your slogan is either non-existent, an arbitrary articulation, overlong, or obscure, your peruser can’t tell if your diary is really for them. What’s more, befuddled visitors will be guests who leave, as a rule ne’er returning.

Characteristics of Blog Taglines

Blog Taglines Must have the following features:

  • Short and Exact, yet Clear
  • They straightforwardly convey with your niche/blog topic
  • Good slogans are extraordinary
  • They are centred around your readers
  • The ideal slogans mirror your blog’s mission and vision statement

How to Get Your Tagline in Front of Your Readers

Some portion of the issue is that bloggers get enlivened by the tremendously famous web journals they see — and Copy them. Be that as it may, slogans are one of those circumstances where you, as a newbie, can’t do it the manner in which the big guys do.

On the off chance that your blog has a graphical header, the least demanding approach to grandstand your slogan is regularly to include the fitting content straightforwardly the header picture.

Be that as it may, some blog formats don’t generally have a decent spot for a slogan there. On the off chance that that is you, there’s consistently the alternative of recruiting a designer to change your current subject, or of changing topics to get a slogan spot.

In any case, on the off chance that you would prefer not to change, that is OK! You can in any case get your slogan out there.

The RankMath SEO Plugin for WordPress makes it simple to change the tag for your site’s Home page. It likewise permits you to refresh your blog’s “Meta Description,” which is the content showing up underneath the outcome’s title. You can utilize this element to develop your slogan to enlighten perusers additionally concerning your site.

Examples of Some Blog Taglines

The greater part of the Blog Taglines I’ve given here are now utilized in my different web journals, additionally some of them I conceptualized by getting some motivation.

Don’t Copy Exact Blog Taglines Just treat the beneath Taglines as motivation, and to get your psyche to the zone of inventiveness.

You can also make use of related words I’ve included for each of the niches, and Google search for synonyms, related words, jargon, rhyming words, for each of the words to get inspiration.

  1. Successful Blog: You’re only a stranger once
  2. Sugarrae: Never mess with a woman who can pull rank
  3. Boing Boing: A directory of wonderful things
  4. PR Squared: It may be the future but you still gotta eat
  5. The Consumerist: Shoppers bite back
  6. Zen Habits: Simple Productivity
  7. Yoast: Tweaking Websites
  8. PR 2.0: The future of communication starts here
  9. CopyBlogger: Copywriting tips for online marketing success
  10. Film: Blogging the reel world
  11. Psyblog: Understand your mind
  12. Lifehacker: Tips and downloads for getting things done
  13. Think Simple Now: Creativity, Clarity, Happiness
  14. Violent Acres: Like you, but with poor impulse control
  15. Bacon Today: Daily updates on the world of sweet, sweet bacon
  16. Shoemoney: Skills to pay the bills
  17. Geek Sugar: Geek is chic.
  18. A VC: Musings of a VC in NYC
  19. Steve Pavlina: Personal development for smart people
  20. Simply Fired: If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.
  21. So Good: An absurd look at the world of food
  22. Get Rich Slowly: Personal finance that makes cents
  23. SEO Book: Learn. Rank. Dominate.
  24. PluginID: Plugin to your identity
  25. Kottke: Home of fine hypertext products
  26. Web Worker Daily: Rebooting the workforce
  27. Auto Blog: We obsessively cover the auto industry
  28. TwiTip: Twitter tips in 140 characters or more
  29. Apartment Therapy: Saving the world, one room at a Time
  30. Illuminated Mind: The less boring side of personal development

How to generate Blog taglines?

Blog Tagline Genrator

I attempted the best three blog taglines generators – Shopify, Oberlo, and Designhill, just to find that the majority of their outcomes are silly with no utilization of brain and Creativity. These online tools create a massive number of mottos/catchphrases, dependent on your objective watchword. A large portion of these algorithmic outcomes is strange to such an extent that you’ll blast out snickering at the non-sense. Here is a screenshot of the results I got from Shopify (for the objective watchword: Blogging)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a blog tagline?

A blog tagline is a short one-sentence short summary of your blog/website. It usually Defines your niche and branding.

What do you write in a tagline?

You should write a one-line Short summary statement about your brand in a tagline. You can summarize the statement either in the form of a catchy tagline. The objective of a tagline is to Define or reflect your niche.

How long should a blog tagline be?

Blog taglines should Unique be of only one (1) line, with not over 30 to 35 characters.


A lot of the bloggers don’t keep Blog Taglines for their web journals/Blog/Website. Then again, they essentially keep Blog Taglines nonexclusive. On the off chance that you are one of those bloggers, you have positively understood the significance of appealing online journal taglines.

What tips, tools, and procedures did you use to compose the ideal slogan for your blog? If it’s not too much trouble share your contemplations in the Comment section

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