Top 9 Best Paid & Free WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway Plugins

The popularity of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other cryptocurrencies is rising. You will require a reliable WooCommerce cryptocurrency payment gateway if you want your customers to use cryptocurrency to pay for goods and services on your website.

The convenience of supporting cross-border transactions, a larger market, and buyer anonymity are just a few advantages of adopting cryptocurrency as a security feature. 

You won’t have to worry about chargebacks or dealing with middlemen, and you’ll pay lower fees than PayPal or other comparable services.

This is not to imply that cryptocurrencies are without flaws. The drawbacks include lengthy processing delays, volatile prices, and higher transaction costs. The marketplaces for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc are occasionally more vulnerable to malicious actors, hackers, and increased government interference.

WooCommerce Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

The popularity of bitcoins is rising daily. Globally, there are more than 100 million bitcoin wallets exits. Giving clients the option to pay with bitcoin on your WooCommerce site may therefore increase sales.

Cryptocurrency payments are more common than many retailers and customers believe. Thousands of businesses around the world accept bitcoin, including Microsoft, Expedia, Dish, CheapAir, and Newegg. In a survey of 100 retailers, it was shown that 60% would accept bitcoin instead of dollars. Respondents represented a range of industries and made at least $100,000 each year.

Benefits of Accepting Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency Payments

Here are a few advantages of allowing cryptocurrency payments on your website or store.

Higher Sales

You may be able to increase revenue and customer base by accepting cryptocurrency payments. Given that there are more than 300 million cryptocurrency users, you can generate significantly more than previously in cryptocurrency payments.

Lowest Transaction Fees

You can save money by using cryptocurrencies as a payment method. Cryptocurrency transaction fees are typically as low as 0.1 per cent and do not require a bank intermediary.

No Chargebacks

Transactions made using bitcoin cannot be undone since they are non-reversible. Refunds are not offered.

Fraud Preventions

The digital money Bitcoin cannot be compromised. Your financial information and identity are both secure.

Customers are not needed to provide any private financial information, such as debit or credit card numbers while making purchases at your store using bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency.

Here are some of the best free and paid WooCommerce crypto payment gateway plugins.

1. Blockonomics

Online merchants can accept cryptocurrency payments thanks to Blockonomics. This decentralised payment processing system allows Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and other kinds of cryptocurrencies to be utilised as payment, which helps merchants boost their overall sales, revenue, and profitability. For many businesses, its P2P encrypted invoice solution is a better option.

One of the top WooCommerce Bitcoin plugins is Blockonomics WooCommerce. With this plugin, you can accept any fiat or digital currency as well as hierarchical deterministic wallets like Trezor,, and Mycelium.

Similar to BTCPay, businesses can utilise this plugin to boost sales, profits, and income. For many firms, their P2P encrypted invoicing system is a workable alternative.

However, you’ll need a Blockonomics account and be subject to a 1% transaction fee.

Key Features:

  • Money immediately transfers to your online wallet account.
  • Provides a fantastic checkout experience that melds perfectly with the design of your store
  • Chargebacks and fraud won’t be issues.
  • Every transaction is safe and secure.
  • Both Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are acceptable.
  • Additionally supported are primary fiat currencies.
  • Customer information will never be given to Blockonomics. All customer information is kept within your store, so you won’t need to worry about security breaches.
  • Costs of transactions can be kept to a minimum with Segwit compatibility.
  • You can send URLs for bitcoin payments via email, social media, or instant messaging.

2. Coinbase

Coinbase enables businesses, individuals, and traders to transact digital currencies. By linking their bank accounts to their digital wallets, individuals can now start buying and selling bitcoins. Additionally, it offers a variety of tools and methods for merchant payment processing.

This plugin may be a great starting point for your company’s adoption of bitcoin payments. Before making any decisions, it is advised that you properly research this service.

They not only provide a wide range of services, but they also provide a cryptocurrency-friendly Coinbase Commerce WooCommerce payment gateway. The plugin allows you to change the settings, such as remotely turning on or off crypto payments, and is completely free to use.

Key Features:

  • Online shops and enterprises can more easily accept cryptocurrency payments.
  • Without having to create separate cryptocurrency merchant accounts, you can take payments in many cryptocurrencies.
  • Through a signup process that only requires your email address, you can get your own cryptocurrency wallet for use with your business transactions.

3. CoinPayments

CoinPayments is a digital currency payment solution that enables merchants to accept Bitcoin and more than 1700 altcoins in their stores using simple plugins, APIs, and POS interfaces. One of the most complete multi-cryptocurrency systems in the world, CoinPayments has merchants in 182 countries and around three million user accounts.

Whether you need to convert, withdraw, or use services, all CoinPayments transactions have the same fees. Transaction rates, price tags, and the value of each coin’s exchange rate determine the fees for CoinPayments transactions.

The Payment Gateway for WooCommerce plugin offers a payment gateway that enables customers to pay using Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies.

The plugin has a number of security safeguards that lessen the chance that someone may steal or commit fraud with your personal information. It takes Bitcoin in addition to more than 50 other cryptocurrencies. You should give crypto serious consideration if you intend to use it for the majority of your payment processing.

Key Features:

  • Allows users to access access to a testing environment known as a sandbox.
  • Provides a special function called “Pay-by-Name”
  • The company’s founders are adamant about creating a platform that serves multiple purposes.
  • more cryptocurrencies supported than you could possibly need

4. CoinGate Plugin

Cryptocurrency payments are simple and customer-driven thanks to CoinGate’s integrated gateway. You can use it to make payments using Bitcoin or Euro settlements, which are shielded from the volatility of cryptocurrencies by being completed in real-time.

Its goal is to increase the use of cryptocurrencies by giving businesses and consumers a strong payment infrastructure that meets their needs.

More than 70 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Ripple are supported by the plugin. Transaction costs are 1 percent.

CoinGate offers a platform for the buying and selling of different cryptocurrencies in addition to offering services for processing cryptocurrency payments.

Key Features:

  • There are no setup or ongoing service fees.
  • The payment amount is determined using current exchange rates.
  • Chargebacks are absolutely not permitted!
  • You may just set it and forget it because everything is fully automatic.
  • Tesnet Bitcoin comes with a testing sandbox environment.

5. GoUrl

GoUrl is a global online payment platform for cryptocurrencies. Through its payment platform, customers and vendors can perform transactions. It uses a different type of technology than many other payment gateways do. GoUrl integrates seamlessly with site pages, so it doesn’t launch external payment sites.

There are numerous WordPress plugins for GoUrl. You may accept Bitcoin and Altcoins thanks to the GoUrl plugin for WooCommerce. After choosing one of their three options for payment integration, you can start receiving payments immediately. Additionally, they offer white-label and subscription options.

GoUrl won’t convert Bitcoin into cash, though. It merely transfers funds to your Bitcoin wallet account. You may accept BitcoinCash, Dash, Litecoin, and other well-known cryptocurrencies on your WordPress website. Customers may pay with the plugin for memberships, page visits, digital downloads, and goods.

6. TripleA

TripleA for WooCommerce is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that enables users to benefit from the quickly expanding crypto industry. No special account is required, and there are no costs. Using our cryptocurrency gateway for WooCommerce, you can start accepting Bitcoin payments right immediately.

Your customers only need to scan the QR code in order to send payment. Additionally, TripleA makes selling easier. You can withdraw money in 19 different foreign currencies using real-time exchange rates (with a 0.8 percent withdrawal charge).

You can also get email notifications for each transaction, and there are no chargebacks that cost money.


  • No extra costs or fraud will be applied to you.
  • View transactional information in the dashboard.
  • Payouts to bank accounts and cryptocurrency withdrawals are simple
  • supports Litecoin, USDT, Ethereum, and more cryptocurrencies.
  • An email notification is sent after each transaction.
  • WooCommerce registration is simple.

7. Cryptoniq

The Cryptoniq – CryptoCurrency Payment Plugin for WordPress was made by DivEngine. Customers can use this premium plugin to pay for orders with cryptocurrencies. Currently supported cryptocurrencies include Tron (TRX), Dogecoin (DOGE), Etherium (ETH), and Bitcoin (BTC).

Decentralized Payment Methods are used to process payments. Only the wallet information needs to be entered to the plugin preferences panel for Cryptoniq. Then, customers can transfer funds to your online wallet address.

The admin interface for the plugin has several settings you can adjust. There, you can choose the coins you want to use as payment, add currency pricing for different goods, give wallet addresses, and make other adjustments.

8. CoinMarketStats

Without the assistance of an intermediary, you may take Bitcoin and Altcoin payments through your WooCommerce online store. By sending payments directly to your coin address, this Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway for WooCommerce does away with the necessity for a third-party wallet.

With this plugin, you can choose between manual or automatic order confirmations. After a consumer places and pays for an order manually, you must go to your cryptocurrency address to confirm that payment was made. The order will be put on hold until the payment can be verified. 

The plugin’s commercial version includes automatic orders. Each order’s payment will be automatically confirmed. There is no need to personally review this data.


  • There is no need for bank or KYC verification.
  • There are no limitations on the number of transactions or withdrawals. You will be paid directly to your own currency address.
  • The text on the product page and checkout page can be changed.
  • Your payment gateway’s name or company logo can be included.
  • For each type of cryptocurrency utilised, discounts can be added. This may be a set sum or a particular percentage.
  • Product offer boxes may be present on individual product pages and may be shown or hidden as desired.
  • The most reputable exchange platform uses instantaneous, automatic price calculating.
  • The pricing of WooCommerce products can be instantly translated into their equivalent Bitcoin or Altcoin prices.

9. CryptoPay WooCommerce

You can quickly accept cryptocurrency payments using CryptoPay WooCommerce. Additionally, you can accomplish this directly through the cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask.

As you are aware, commission is taken from you by virtual POS systems and many other payment options. The “gas” fee that blockchain networks charge is the only commission in this situation. Therefore, the funds will be sent straight to your account.

Through the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain, you can receive payments. You can be paid in these networks’ internal currencies (BNB, ETH), as well as in tokens that are exchanged there.

In addition, the benefits of using CryptoPay WooCommerce are as follows:

  • Nothing from a third party
  • No date, charge, or withdrawal cap
  • 1-2 business days, with no frivolous weekend time.
  • The funds are in your account and are available to you the same day.

An overview of Best WooCommerce Crypto Gateway

Accepting Bitcoin and other comparable cryptocurrencies as payment has grown more alluring to WordPress site owners as cryptocurrencies continue to gain popularity. Nevertheless, choosing how to launch and use WordPress to handle Bitcoin payments can be challenging.

Thank goodness, WordPress has a tonne of plugins and other tools that let you accept and receive Bitcoin payments. You should base your choice of WooCommerce crypto payment gateway plugin on the requirements of your website and your target audience.

We are grateful that you took the time to study this list of the top WordPress plugins for the cryptocurrency payment gateway. We sincerely hope that was useful.

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