About Us

Hey Everyone…

My Name is Abhishek Prajapati. I am a web designer, Digital Marketer, also a part-time blogger. I am 33 years old and love working with WordPress. I also have a few WP sites and manage a few others.

I frequently search the internet for guidance on which hosting to choose for my websites, which plugin or theme is best for my business, etc., because I use a variety of premium and free WordPress plugins and themes.

However, it is simple to become overwhelmed by the abundance of search results and end up even more confused.

The website izavishek.com steps in at this point. I’ll make an effort to offer suggestions, write tutorials, guides, and tips, and evaluate plugins, themes, and other online goods.

WordPress is the main topic of this site, but I will also write about other valuable tools and SAAS. I’ll write evaluations of goods I’ve tried, used for a while, or am knowledgeable about.

Why I Started This Blog (Izavishek.com)?

On izavishek.com, you can read and learn anything related to WordPress.

Look through different offers for your website or company, read reviews of themes and plugins, advice, frequently asked questions, or even take part in giveaways.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, follow me on Facebook or Twitter, and sign up for a weekly email if you don’t want to miss any crucial or top-secret information (ok, not that much important, but still valuable).

Don’t spend money on bad themes, plugins, or services. Read Reviews on izavishek.com to get unbiased, user-written product reviews that can help you save time and money.

Have a great day!